Effectively managed security risk adds value to an organisation, bringing stakeholder confidence that their business is in a strong position to succeed, and is a dependable investment.
Effectively managed security risk adds value to an organisation, bringing stakeholder confidence that their business is in a strong position to succeed, and is a dependable investment.

Security Risk Management

Effective management of security risk is an essential tool for an organisation’s resilience, continued stability and growth. Increasingly, successful enterprises are recognising the importance of managing all risks effectively, not only to protect existing assets but also to create opportunities.

From the initial recognition of security concerns through to the development and implementation of effective solutions, BSOC provides subject matter experts to fulfil the function of a Security Manager.

Our services include, but not limited to, modelling the consequences and risks associated with major accidents, using well validated international software such as DNV GL PHAST and TNO Effects for Consequence Assessment and DNV GL SAFETI and TNO RiskCurves for Risk Assessment, preparing Safety Case including Formal Safety Assessment (FSA) and associated risk studies, and reliability / availability analysis using reliability block diagram method.

Operators are not fully aware of many other potential risks existing in their plant. If does not happen yet, that does not mean that one day it will not happen.

“We did not believe or we did not know that may happen” cannot be use an excuse in a court of law (Australia).

Major risks handled
for our clients are touching the following aspects:

Financial losses in production due to downtime as a result of a process related incident. It does not have to be a fatality or badly injured incident to be a catastrophic risk for the plant. One month shutdown for one Saudi Arabian client as a result of syngas compressor fire result in 30 mil USD loss. We see large financial losses from our clients as a results of incorrect assessment of process related risks, in particular during revamp projects.

Reputational losses caused by an incident may have a long term impact and it may lead to Operational License suspension for large scale impact incidents. During investigation, the authorities may use process safety experts to review the documentation and process safety management implementation within the Company. Any non-conformance may lead to high fines or even prison for negligence.

Nowadays insurance companies have dedicated risk engineering departments who deal with industrial plant assessment in order to identify their clients risk profile. An inconsistent, or below standard, Process Safety system may lead to high insurance premium as a result of high risk profile conclusion during insurance assessments.

On the major risks highlighted
our solution is:


For the beginning we conduct an audit by using our team with extensive operational and design experience in the offshore industry.
Purpose of the audit is to assess the quality of existing documentation for hazard identification and risk assessment for specific offshore technologies.


For further steps we will use already existing client documentation where possible and we recommend additional studies where needed.


Then we develop client technology specific Hazard Registers and Risk Management system using our proprietary Risk Track platform.


As per International legislation requirements we provide ALARP assessment supported by Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA).


When required we conduct fire and explosion analysis, simulation, mitigation and protection barriers in a case by case basis.


At the end we develop safety arguments, authoring, updating, reviewing and independent auditing of Safety Cases and Security Reports.

In the modern world, organisations around the world face risks and threats from a wide range of sources – including organised and opportunist crime, activists and terrorism. There is no better form of protection than having professional security personnel safeguarding your people and critical assets.

Whether high-rise offices, industrial buildings, remote field sites or key Executives conducting essential business in unfamiliar territory, BSOC handles a broad range of high calibre security operations to ensure your continued success and growth.

Management of Security Teams
in-house teams or
contracted service providers

Training, Development and Capacity Building of Security Teams

Security Team Personnel
Commissionaires, Static Guards, Mobile Patrols, Dog Patrols

Security Systems
CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion Detector Systems

Physical Security Measures
Fencing, Lighting and
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Satellite Tracking
persons, vehicles, trailers, plant equipment, containers

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