BSOC takes an all-inclusive approach that allows us to draw a complete picture of your assets & organisation. Our assessments can be tailored to meet your specific process requirements.
BSOC takes an all-inclusive approach that allows us to draw a complete picture of your assets & organisation. Our assessments can be tailored to meet your specific process requirements.

Technological Optimisation

The Technology Assessment & Design service helps optimise your current business strategies, operational design or implemented technology.

Alongside our expert team, you can evaluate sticking points and create a roadmap that provides short-term deliverables (quick wins) and long-term impact.

Many organisations heavily invest in technological implementation but struggle to obtain a clear ROI. In most cases, this is due to an unclear investment-recuperation strategy. We help you review your current situation, and help you get back on the right track.

An IT department exists within a multitude of organisations existing on a global level. Due to the fact that a majority of business needs to be conducted through the usage of technology, such as the internet, computer programs, and remote business applications.

Technology optimization focuses on the productivity, proficiency, and efficiency of IT departments.
Information technology departments are responsible for the following tasks:

» The management, collection, analysis, and assessment of digital data;
» The operations of computing systems;
» The maintenance of operating networks, including digital, satellite, cable, and remote access;
» The organization of all records, reports, and documentation that exist in digital form;
» The functional upkeep of all electronic and technological systems responsible for the allocation and sorting of data;
» The moderation of all programs that exist in both intra-office and inter-office forms;
» The repair, analysis, and rectification of all issues befalling technological and computational systems within a business;
» The overseeing of all communication, both on local and global levels.

IoT (Internet-of-Things) will allow all the above-mentioned aspects to reach the mobile recipients of designated or authorised persons as decision making support. Reference for process modification improved stability of chosen solutions and leading to greater ROI.

We apply our comprehensive knowledge to improve the performance of our customers by advising them on product development and on producing new, high-quality products.

This expert know-how will be made available as Tailored Rules developed in Through-Process Optimisation (TPO) and embeded into organisational Integrated Management System (IMS). TPO is an optimisation system for industrial facilities, which helps to continuously monitor and manage quality across all production processes throughout the entire production chain.

TPO is optimizing performance by applying know-how based rules for quick decisions, monitoring performance by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and stabilizing production by applying advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC). The centralized storage of high resolution process data across the entire production route allows intelligent data analytics for product & process optimization and development of new products within a short timeframe.

Main features of TPO:
Centralized, high resolution process data storage;
Full product genealogy;
Quality assistance by rule-based checks (Rule Editor);
Root-Cause Analysis / corrective & compensational action;
Product Explorer for process data inspection / product comparison;
Product grading;
Key Performance Indicators (KPI);
Statistical Process Control (SPC);
Interface to data mining platforms;
Data cube for multidimensional analysis of KPI’s, quality and production data;
Comprehensive reporting and data visualization.

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